Critically analyse how the traditional conventions of tragedy are upheld through the use of visual and/or verbal features in the film Gladiator by Ridley Scott. The genre of Tragedy is complex and diverse. Gladiator directed by Ridley Scott is an example of a Tragedy and Maximus the main character is an example of a tragic […]

Maximus displays Hamatia during the night when Commadice kills Marcus the emperor. Maximus is asked to shows his respect and honnor the new emperor, Commadice, however he choses not to as he knows that Commadice is evil and will not rule in a fair and just manner. He lets his pure spirited and good get […]

Shakespeare’s intentions with the story of King Lear are defined by the guidelines laid out by Aristotle. They are understood better in this context compared to what we may understand as a tragic hero. Aristotelian’s idea of a tragic hero was specific and the pinnacle of thinking during that time and still is. Shakespeare followed […]

You see me here, you gods, a poor old man, As full of grief as age, wretched in both. If it be you that stirs these daughters’ hearts Against their father, fool me not so much To bear it tamely; touch me with noble anger, And let not women’s weapons, water drops, Stain my man’s […]

Identify 3 times when characters went against the Natural Order: Cordelia when she dined to confess her love for her father after he commanded her to. CORDELIA Nothing, my lord. KING LEAR Nothing! CORDELIA Nothing. KING LEAR Nothing will come of nothing: speak again. Cordelia’s punishment as a result of this is being disowned as […]

It is the way that characters change in a text that makes it worth reading. Intro: In the drama script, ‘King Lear’ by William Shakespeare many characters that are presented to us at the start change through difference circumstance throughout the text. Shakespeare’s play portrays a flurry of scenes which contradicts the ‘chain of being’ or natural […]

“I am a man more sinned against than sinning.” This statement implies that King Lear is not sinning as much, as compared his subjects and others sinning against him. I am writing from a classic perspective. I think that the statement is true because as he is the King, he is above all, meaning he can […]

The great chain of being is a strict hierarchical structure of all matter and life, though in medieval Christianity to have been decreed by God. The chain starts with God and progresses downward to angels, demons (fallen/renegade angels), stars, moon, kings, princes, nobles, commoners, wild animals, domesticated animals, trees, other plants, precious stones, precious metals […]

Explain these quotes: King Lear says: “By Jupiter, I swear no.” This piece of allusion is referring to the Gods. He is the King and therefore no man can tell him what to do, he only has to answer to the gods. By saying this he is really saying “I swear to God”. The conception of […]

Kent is saying that he thought the King was going to give his power to Albany rather than Cornwall, Gloucester agrees and says, it appears not to be that person he values most, but both are an even match and he is unsure who the king will give it to. I cannot see any motives […]