29th June 2018

Gladiator Notes

  1. Maximus displays Hamatia during the night when Commadice kills Marcus the emperor. Maximus is asked to shows his respect and honnor the new emperor, Commadice, however he choses not to as he knows that Commadice is evil and will not rule in a fair and just manner. He lets his pure spirited and good get infront of him, he is thinking of the good of Rome, rather than the welfare of his family. While this makes him very unselfish, it turns about to be the wrong desion.
  2. The reversal of fortune occurs immediatly after, as soon as he denys the new emperor he is sentenced to ride until dawn and then he is to be executed. This does not go to plan however he ends up becoming a slave and ultimately a Glladiator. He falls from general to a slave after his family has already been killed.
  3. Anagnorisis, or the realisation of when he knows he has made a mistake is when he is sitting down with one of his.

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