Identify 3 times when characters went against the Natural Order:

  1. Cordelia when she dined to confess her love for her father after he commanded her to.

Nothing, my lord.



Nothing will come of nothing: speak again.

Cordelia’s punishment as a result of this is being disowned as a daughter by her father. This punishment by our scale is very harsh and we would see it as not appropriate for the situation. Back in these times, you were men were the heads of the family and no one would dare step out of line for fear of what may happen and as a sign of respect, however, Cordelia does in this case and it results in her.

  1.  When Goneril the remaining daughter shuts her father out.

Pointing to KING LEAR

That’s a shealed peascod.

Not only, sir, this your all-licensed fool,
But other of your insolent retinue
Do hourly carp and quarrel; breaking forth
In rank and not-to-be endured riots.

In the case, it is the same as the last. Goneril is talking to her father as if she is in charge, and that he is no longer King.

The King responds by saying:

Are you our daughter?

Basically saying that he is disowning another daughter. This is the second time that this has occurred during the play, meaning the natural order has decided this twice.

  1.  When Edmund tries to take his fathers estate,  by pretending that he is the good son:

Here stood he in the dark, his sharp sword out,
Mumbling of wicked charms, conjuring the moon
To stand auspicious mistress,–

But where is he?

Look, sir, I bleed.

Where is the villain, Edmund?

Edmund is about to frame his brother as a fake villain. The end result of this is that Edmund dies at the end for being a traitor to the king and against his father, and his brother.

Find 3 quotes where the dictation leading to the natural order being abused:


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