10th May 2018

Practise Essay

It is the way that characters change in a text that makes it worth reading.


In the drama script, ‘King Lear’ by William Shakespeare many characters that are presented to us at the start change through difference circumstance throughout the text. Shakespeare’s play portrays a flurry of scenes which contradicts the ‘chain of being’ or natural order of those times. Women overrule men, sons overthrow fathers, and daughters banish fathers. The events that take place throughout the play would shock the audience of that day. This text is worth reading because of the way characters develop and grow throughout the text, many realise they chose the wrong side and should have thought more about their actions and the ramifications they had on the end result of the text, which for most is death. The characters which develop the most are King Lear, Edmund and Glouster, they are the key characters which help us to see why the text is worth reading.

Paragraph 1:

King Lear is essentially the main character of the play, his actions at the start unfold something, no one could have imagined. Lear banishes his youngest daughter Cordelia in a fit of rage after she confesses her love for him is no more than required. The two older sisters pick up on the King’s statement that Cordelia was his favourite and sets them in a motion of disrespecting and disregarding their father, to the point as to which he dies. This text is worth reading because as King Lear changes from an unjust and rash man at the start, to a mentally unstable old man, and then towards the ended, someone who realises their mistakes and despite his best effort to solve them has run out of time and the damage has already been done.

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